S S Trading Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of Industrial Tools and consumables. We deal with High Performance Tools in Standard and Special format, as per Customer’s need.

WELCOME TO S S Trading Corporation

S S Trading Corporation is an Authorized Dealer and Supplier for Precision Measuring Instruments, Inspection Tools, Metal Cutting Tools, Abrasives, Fasteners, Toolroom Accessories, Lubricants, Hand Tools, Bearings, Deburring Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Solid Carbide Tools, Polyester Slings, HSS Cutting Tools, ISO Holders etc of leading brands.

S S Trading Corporation is committed for prompt delivery of quality products from leading brands around the world. We have been sourcing Standard and Customized tools for our clients since 1974 at a competitive cost. We have a vast range of customers from various industries like Transportation, Automation, Automobile, Aeronautical, Telecommunication, Infrastructure, Electronics, Building Construction, Earth Moving, etc.


One of the leading suppliers of Machine Tool Accessories, Magnetic Tools, Hand Tools, Cutters and Shears, Cutting Tools, Gauges and Fixtures. We provide products in Industry standard as well as Customized configurations–as per buyer specifications and standards